Web Site Review

30 minutes that will change the direction of your web site

Are you frustrated by your web site’s performance, yet don’t know what to change?

Is your web site losing customers, and you don’t know why?

Are you ready to transform your site into the profit center you imagined?

Let me help you put your web site back on the right track with a website audit.

What We’ll Do:

After spending a half hour with me you’ll know:

  • the first impression visitors get of your business when visiting your site
  • your web site’s objective
  • who you want your web site to target
  • at least 3 things you can do to improve the success of your web site now

What We Won’t Do:

We won’t spend a half hour discussing the next set of services I can offer you.  Yes, I do provide small business web design, but this consultation is all about helping you, not promoting myself.  You will leave the call with actionable items to implement on your web site.  Save yourself the hours of overwhelming Google searches and unproductive wrong turns.  Schedule your web site review now!

Why You Should Hire Me:

  • I’m a marketer first.  While I will give you advice on how to make your web site “prettier,” great design is nothing if your web site has no objective or isn’t reaching its target market.  I’ll give you fundamental marketing knowledge that will dramatically improve the success of your site.
  • I’ve been designing web sites for over 20 years.  I’ve helped many clients create a web presence that is both visually appealing and functional.  I know good design when I see it. I also understand the technical aspects of a website, so if something is broken, I can recommend a way to fix it.
  • I’m a great listener.  The best way for me to give you actionable advice is to get to know you and your business.  You’ll also be able to get answers to your biggest web site concerns right on the call.

“Thanks so much Dequiana. You have helped me much….”
– Tameka Davis, The Karner Business Group, LLC

The Investment

The website review is only $97.

Get Started

To book your web site review now, click to select your consult time now. I look forward to helping you transform your web site!

Book your session now if you:

  • Are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed by your web site
  • Want to get advice from someone who is both fluent in tech speak and English
  • Are committed to the success of your site

You’ll be happy you did.